make something!

Chicopee residents (and their friends) have free access to ChicopeeTV's amazing suite of video resources, including our studio & field equipment, to produce content that you want to make.  They also have access to the expertise of our team of video professionals, and the trainings that we host.

The possibilities are numerous, but here's a few ways you might make something for air on ChicopeeTV:

Make a Movie

Have an idea for a short film that you think would be awesome? It can be a narrative story, a documentary subject, a music video or something experimental. Use our equipment and our expertise and make that idea a reality!

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Make an Episodic Show

Want to produce something that shoots fast and airs monthly or multiple times a year? Have a passion and want to share it? Producing a recurring program might be for you - and we'll help you figure out how!

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Volunteer to Crew

Really love the idea of helping a local production, but don't know how? From cooking an on-set meal to being a cinematographer or sound designer, every production needs people.  Help out a crew!

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Already an approved producer?  Go here to reserve equipment/studio time.