ChicopeeTV features a variety of different programs in addition to our coverage of community events.  From nature to music to current local events and portraits of our public schools, our programming holds a mirror to the community members which we serve - you!

Thank You For Your Service

Thank You For Your Service

Our newest program, still in development, is created through collaboration with the Chicopee Veterans Affairs office.  Thank You For Your Service is committed to giving voice to the men and women who have served (or currently serve) in the armed forces.  The show will provide veterans a place to tell their stories, document their experiences (as a living historical document) and educate the viewing public about the realities of military service.

If you are a Veteran and are interested in appearing on the show, please complete the form here.

Bell to Bell

Bell to Bell

Entering its 6th season in the 2018-19 school year, Bell to Bell is ChicopeeTV's longest-running show.  Each episode features a different school in the district or an exciting program that spans the entire district.  Whether you are a teacher, have children in the public schools, or are just a community member interested in what's going on in the schools today, Bell to Bell is a great portrait of our schools today.

See all episodes of Bell to Bell here

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Our newest show is focused on events happening across the city that community members might want more information on.  From Police and Fire department initiatives to public safety and road repairs to city events (block parties, road races, festivals, etc), A Closer Look is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on changes taking place and upcoming events across the city.  Have a story that you think would be of interest for this show?  Contact Producer Jay Buckley with your ideas. 

See all episodes of A Closer Look here.

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unique local eats

ChicopeeTV offers college internships through a growing number of area colleges, including Holyoke Community College and Springfield Technical Community College.  Our 2018 intern Shaina Hibert conceptualized and produced a show called Unique Local Eats, which was designed to feature locally-owned western Mass restaurants off the beaten path.  Shout out to Shaina for a job well-done, and we look forward to working with our next generation of interns!

Check out Shaina's episode, featuring Mrs Murphy's Donuts, here

Mass Earth

Mass Earth

Currently in production on its first three episodes, Mass Earth takes viewers on a journey through a variety of natural spaces within western Mass.  From touring Mt. Tom with a geology expert to navigating the history of the Quabbin Reservoir to lesser-known destinations you have access to, Mass Earth explores both familiar settings and new ones. 

If you're an expert in Western Mass nature who's interested in sharing your knowledge with our audience, contact show Producer Wade Wofford.