community bulletin board

Make your event known to the world!

ChicopeeTV hosts a community bulletin board that members of the community can post events to.  These event announcements appear as images within a slideshow that shows full-time on Channel 193, and displays between programs on Channels 191 & 192 (for Chicopee subscribers to Charter Cable).

To submit your event for the bulletin board, you have two options:

- OR - 

Keep in mind, when designing your graphics:

  • The televisions on which your graphics will display are viewed from across the room, so text needs to be large, and in plain fonts.
  • Some TVs "overscan", meaning they crop in a little.  To avoid your stuff being cut off, keep a gap (think of it as the margins around a page, for printing) between your graphics/words and the edge.


Note: You can also see the Bulletin Board via the web.

The slides from ChicopeeTV's bulletin board can be seen from any device with an internet connection. Choose the correct button below based on your location.