make an episodic

A TV studio awaits.

A TV studio awaits.

Some concepts just can't be captured in a single episode. For example, Chicopee TV's episodic series "Bell to Bell" is structured to look into a different school within the district each episode. "Mass Earth" transports viewers to a different natural location each episode. Perhaps you have a concept that is episodic in nature... We can help you produce it, and air it on Chicopee TV for the community to see!

What are the ingredients you'll need to bring to the table to get a show off the ground?

  1. A script. (Don't have one? Chicopee TV has a few on-hand that you could produce!)
  2. A director. This person will be the mastermind that drives the project with her vision, and will likely do the lion's share of the work.
  3. At least two crew members in addition to the Director (1 person can't carry all the gear, run the camera, hold the microphone and setup lighting). Chicopee TV staff won't be able to crew your shoot, but we'll be able to advise - and perhaps connect you with others who are interested in crewing.
  4. Actors to play all characters within the script.
  5. Locations to shoot in. If there's a house in your screenplay, you'll need permission to use someone's house.  A restaurant?  The same... 

What can Chicopee TV provide to help?

  1. Guidance on the necessary steps to produce your show.
  2. Classes/training on how to use the equipment necessary to make your show.

Ready to take the next step?  Write Wade Wofford